Atlantic 93/94 Magic Rules


Atlantic 93/94 is a deliberate blending of the two most widely played B&R lists for 93/94 Old School Magic: Eternal Central and Swedish. The Atlantic 93/94 format aims to promote as diverse a metagame as possible, elevating a broad range of deck archetypes through the inclusion of Fallen Empires and the restriction of Strip Mine.

The table above summarizes the very short list of differences between EC, Atlantic, and Swedish 93/94 rules that are relevant to gameplay, namely the B&R lists, the presence or absence of Fallen Empires, and the presence or absence of mana burn.

The Atlantic format rules are recommended independently of any prescription regarding reprint allowances, which is a separate matter. New England Old School is adopting the Atlantic rules together with a more permissive reprint policy, identical to Eternal Central’s; other communities and playgroups may opt to implement the above rules with fewer permitted reprints, or perhaps even more permitted reprints, as they deem appropriate.