NEOS Monthly: Season 1 Top 8!

neos hats texture

Starting in February of this year, I began hosting a series of monthly tournaments online through the New England Old School (NEOS) Facebook group. The purpose of these monthly tournaments was to build the NEOS community and get people playing games with a little bit of structure and competition. It is difficult to do a straight Swiss style tournament in an online setting, so I decided to do it with Groups, much like the FIFA World Cup. Groups, usually with six people in each, were randomly assigned and everyone would play everyone in the group for a best-of-three match using the Atlantic Old School Magic Rules and B&R. I figured that this way I could set up the groups, everyone would know who they are playing, and can schedule their matches accordingly. The first tiebreaker in any situation was the head-to-head match-up, and with everyone in a group playing everyone else, that made things pretty easy to figure out. Eventually, a winner of the group would come out on top, and that person would advance to the knockout stage, again just like the World Cup.

I came up with a point system where even if you did not win the group, consistency and participation were valued. So, every time you won a match in the group stage, you got a point. An additional point is awarded once you complete all of your group stage matches. I wanted to encourage people to play all of the matches. Playing the matches is important, as that interaction with each other helps build community. Plus, it is playing Magic, which is of course a lot of fun. Additional points were awarded if you won the group, and every victory in the knockout stage was awarded an additional point as well. Finally, the Champion of the month would win three points, and the runner-up was awarded one bonus point. Typically, the Champion would run the table and end up with 12 points in a single month (5-0 in the group stage is 5 points, a bonus point for completing all matches makes 6, bonus point for group champion is 7, then the 1 point for each Top 8 victory prior to the finals and 3 points for winning the finals). I would then record all these points for everyone in a spreadsheet, and after five months of competition, the points were tallied, so finally… we have a Top 8 for the Season 1 of the NEOS Monthly Online Tournament Series!

Here are the players, beginning with 8th place:

8th Place: Dave Firth Bard — 26 Points, 1x Top 8, May Champion

A name we all recognize as a pillar of this 93/94 format and true friend to all. Dave came into this monthly series with a very specific goal and limitation. Dave wanted to run nothing but budget-friendly, usually completely mono-colored decks that could be made for the approximate cost of a competitive deck in Standard ($200-$250). The cards he actually played with might have cost more, as Dave certainly has an affinity for dark round Alpha corners, but there would be a cheaper option available if someone wanted to make a similar deck. This is quite the brewing restriction, as it meant he played no power, no duals, and no Chaos Orb in any of the five months of competition. This was a true challenge and his consistency every month was bolstered by a breakout month in May where he swept away the competition in an undefeated month and took down the Gold Star.

0neosmonthly1 dfb.jpg

Name: DFB
Age: 36 (aka “squarely in the demographic”)
Hometown: Albany, New York
Occupation: nonprofit fundraiser
Started playing Magic story: March, 1995, Boy Scout trip to Boston. The barracks at the Charlestown Navy Yard. A group of five or six boys, all sitting on the floor in a big circle, one glorious multiplayer free-for-all game. I saw a Frozen Shade with like eight or nine +1/+1 counters piled onto it, and I was hooked from that point on.
Favorite card: Pendelhaven
Favorite art: Repentant Blacksmith
Magic accomplishments: No bona fides outside of old school, I have never played a sanctioned constructed event in my life. LOBSTERCON Top 8, NEOS Monthly winner (May 2019), but most proud of killing some dudes with Channel + Fireball at the original Wizard’s Tournament in 2018.
Crazy/fun Magic story: Some recency bias at work here but I lost a game to Power Monolith last night despite casting Energy Flux turn 1 on the play, on his turn 2 he puts down a second Island, goes Lotus, Monolith, tap both Islands for Power Artifact, use combo to cast Rocket Launcher. My next turn, I fail to rip a Disenchant, on his turn 3 upkeep I’m dead! This is why we play Old School.
Why Old School MTG? Looks like I just answered this question! Also, the people and the hangs. And weirdly, the evolution of the meta in contemporary Old School, which is a funny thing to say when talking about a static card pool, but it’s true.
Anything else you want to say about yourself? It’s an honor and a privilege to volunteer as an organizer for the Old School community 🙂

0neosmonthly1 dfb deck.jpg


7th Place: Jeff Grasso — 28 Points, 3x Top 8, March Runner-Up

Jeff Grasso has been a staple of the New England Old School scene since the very early days of its founding in 2016. He was a consistent performer every month with his patented RB Troll Disco Ponza builds, which combined the best of what the chaotic dark arts have to offer. Jeff is a man known for his love of all things Old School Magic. He even got into the holiday spirit with his deck photo in the shape of a heart for Valentine’s day.

0neosmonthly1 grasso.jpg

Name: Jeff Grasso
Age: 37
Hometown: Torrington, CT
Occupation: Project Manager
Started playing Magic story: I first was introduced to Magic at Boy Scout Summer camp in 1995. I was 13 years old. I remember the first card I saw was a Force of Nature, and something about it just drew me in. I watched a couple of scouts play and was curious about the game. I bought some cards after that and a couple of my friends and I started playing and was hooked since.
Favorite card: So many good choices for this one. Ancestral Recall because it’s one of best (if not the best) cards in the game. Chaos Orb because it’s the best removal in the format. Library of Alexandria because the card advantage it provides can just win games on its own. Erhnam Djinn because Erhnamgeddon is probably my favorite deck. It’s hard to pick just one 🙂 But if I had to, my favorite would probably be the Chaos Orb. It’s so versatile and fits in every deck.
Favorite art: Shivan Dragon. So iconic.
Magic accomplishments: Top 8 in Summer Derby 2017. Top 8 in Summer Derby 2018. Top 8 in 3 NEOS monthly events between Feb-June 2019. Played against 1998 World Champ Brian Selden at Hartfordfestivalen (and lost) but better for the experience. If we are talking outside of old school, I placed 23rd out of 115+ people at TMD 18 or “The Waterbury” Vintage tournament. I narrowly missed a Top 8 in Return to Ravnica sealed PTQ. Won several FNM events in years past. Outside of tournament results, a major Magic accomplishment for me is turning a lot of my newer cards into more old school cards. This has been one of the best moves I made, not only from a financial standpoint, but from a playability standpoint.
Crazy/fun Magic story: I think a lot of us who started at a similar time probably have similar stories, but I recall buying Revised dual lands for $7-10 each. I would pick up playsets for $400 or less. My Unlimited/Beta power cost me between $200-300 each. Beta dual lands were $50. I only picked up Savannah’s and wish I splashed blue back then lol. I recall trading a Beta Serra Angel for a Mishra’s Workshop. They were worth the same then and I needed another Shop, so we were both happy. That deal is heavily one-sided now.
For an actual story, when I started playing Magic, I started with whatever I could pick up and didn’t even play correctly by the rules. When Mirage came out, I fell in love with the card Maro. For those of you that don’t know Maro, it has power and toughness equal to the number of cards in your hand. I eventually built a deck with this guy, Erhnams, Serras, Armageddons, etc. It was MaroGeddon, very similar to ErhnamGeddon. Fast-forward to December 3, 2016. This was my first foray into Old School. For this, my first old school deck was ErhnamGeddon. It felt so similar to playing back in those days. Erhnam Djinn is still one of my favorite cards. I know green is likely the weakest color in old school, but a quick Erhnam/Serra followed up by a Geddon can definitely win some games.
Why Old School MTG? Once I started playing old school, I knew it was the format for me. I was getting bored by the new cards and the constant new mechanics, planeswalkers, etc. The cost to keep up with Standard was just too much with the amount of sets that are produced and the rotation schedule. I played a bit of other formats and nothing ever really stuck as something I wanted to play long-term. I do still enjoy casual games with my buddy who hasn’t gotten into old school yet. (I’m still trying to convince him.) So, we play with newer cards mostly. It is still fun because I’m still playing Magic, but it just doesn’t feel the same. But old school on the other hand! The card pool never changes, there is no rotation, the art is infinitely better, the mechanics are simple yet enjoyable, there is plenty of space to brew decks and it’s a format that brings you back to those early days of magic. What’s not to like?
Anything else you want to say about yourself? Aside from playing old school, I also play Alpha 40 and Brawl. I am an avid collector as well. I have many old school complete sets and playsets of cards to build decks with. I would like to put together an old school cube at some point. I also collect misprints and other MTG memorabilia.
I also enjoy playing golf and spending time with my wife and 2 kids.
Thanks to Jared for running these monthly events! They are a blast to play in and I enjoy the gameplay and conversations that they bring. I look forward to playing more.


6th Place: Paul DeSilva — 28 Points, 3x Top 8, February Runner-Up

Paul DeSilva has grown up a quite a bit since this picture was taken, but as you can clearly see, slinging cardboard has been a part of this man since he was a level 1 mage. The proud owner of a recently-completed set of Alpha has performed admirably this season. Paul is a proud ambassador of the format and leader of the Sisters of the Flame from NYC (sweet playmat btw) who loves to get spicy every once in a while, as he ran a very cool Old School + Vanguard event in New York recently.

0neosmonthly1 desilva.jpg

Name: Paul DeSilva
Age: 32
Hometown: Portland, OR
Occupation: Animator
Started playing Magic story: I started in Revised, or at least that was my first pack and I distinctly remember opening the wrapper and seeing Howl from Beyond and thinking “This is my first Magic card. I shall remember this forever.” When I found Old School, my old shoebox collection was a lot of junky Revised, FE, Homelands, and Alliances.
Favorite card: Birds of Paradise!
Favorite art: Underground Sea
Magic accomplishments: I just finished an Alpha set! But my proudest accomplishments would probably be starting the Sisters of the Flame because they are my favorite boys and getting to go to n00bcon 11.
Crazy/fun Magic story: I got paired against Jon Finkel at MobsterCon and actually won a game. Almost pooped my damn pantalones.
Why Old School MTG? Community, Nostalgia, Art, Mechanics, Aesthetics, Art Direction, Balance, Non-Rotation, Camaraderie, Power, the Shores of Imagination, and beer DUH
Anything else you want to say about yourself? Hmmm, I just got to shoot Debbie Harry on 16mm film! 🙂


5th Place: Alex Smyk — 29 Points, 2x Top 8, February Champion

Alex was our first monthly Champion and is a proud member of the #mtgdads (if that’s not a hashtag, then it should be) who finds ways to squeeze in his passion for the arcane spells of Old School Magic with all the love and responsibility of fatherhood. Alex had the NEOS brew masters and mathematicians abuzz in April, when he smashed the group stage with a magnificent 14 “land” RG Aggro Stompy list. I look forward to seeing how else Alex can defy our expectations of deck construction and show us more of what is possible.

0neosmonthly1 smyk1

Name: Alex Smyk
Age: 33
Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Occupation: Sysadmin
Started playing Magic story: Watched a few kids play Magic in elementary school, they were attacking and blocking with creatures. I thought they looked so cool. Later that day, I watched a kid open a booster pack, in the rare slot was a Force of Nature. My eyes went wide. The rest is history.
Favorite card: Baron Sengir
Favorite art: My answer will be different on any given day, but I’m a HUGE Drew Tucker fan.
Magic accomplishments: Aside from being the first person to come up with the killer combo of Lord of the Pit and The Hive? Winning the first NEOS Monthly Tournament!
Crazy/fun Magic story: I lived with my aunt and uncle for around 2 years in Atlanta, GA. It was for work. They didn’t know what Magic was exactly, but they’d always ask me how everything went when I got back from local tournaments/FNMs. After a few months of this, my uncle asked me who I was performing for on Friday night… he literally thought I was doing magic, like pulling rabbits out of hats and stuff.
Why Old School MTG? I’m nostalgic for the more generic or loosely explained lore, cards, and artwork. We didn’t know everything back then; the universe was more left to the imagination. We had to fill the gaps in ourselves. If there were back story to the characters, it was not easy to find. Who was Dakkon Blackblade? No idea, but we all imagined all kinds of stories and lore about where this badass came from.
Anything else you want to say about yourself? I’m a Homelands aficionado. This format needs Ishan’s Shade and Autumn Willow!



4th Place: Christian Reinhard — 29 Points, 4x Top 8

Christian is the Swiss ambassador to NEOS, and he has been a powerful competitor each month. Christian leads the pack with four Top 8 appearances in five months, and clearly loves to spice as much as spike. Christian is a force in the scene globally as a tournament organizer and competitor. A co-founder of the Old School Gentleman’s club, he has made it his goal to put aside Mind Twist and Library of Alexandria from most of his deck lists. While a few of his Top 8 decks do have Library, you will not find a single Mind Twist in any of his 75s.

0neosmonthly1 reinhard.jpg

0neosmonthly1 reinhard interview.png


3rd Place: John Grudzina — 32 Points, 3x Top 8, April Champion

John missed the first month of competition, but still smashed enough faces to finish in the top 3 for the season. John was a noted skilled pilot of the Deck until his hands fell upon the great power that Mishra unleased in his Workshops. His splash for white and the criminally underplayed Jalum Tome have come to be the glue that holds “Grudzina Shops” together. John is a tactical and calm player that is always near the top of any leaderboard.

0neosmonthly1 grudzina.jpg

Name: John Grudzina
Age: 32
Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Occupation: Quant Analyst and Trader
How did you start playing Magic? Fall of ’99 was kind of playing Pokemon CCG, owner of the store suggested MTG because it is a better game.
Favorite Card: Ancestral Recall
Favorite Art: Rebecca Guay’s work
Magic Accomplishments: 3rd NYSE Open 1, 2nd Legacy Champs 2014, Top 8 Vintage Champs 2015, 12th Noobcon X
Good Magic story? For the NYSE, Legacy, and Vintage finishes above, I built my decks the night before and R1G1 was my first game playing those decks.
Why Play Old School MTG? I play Old School since it’s like Vintage, I can play the busted cards.


The top two finishers in the season actually ended up with the same number of points after five months of competition. I was trying to figure out the best way to crown a Champion and break the tie, and it dawned on me that head-to-head has been the way it’s been done all season, so it will be used here as well. Both of these top performers are skilled pilots and good sports. A fine pair to top the leaderboard:

2nd Place: Jason Seaman — 35 Points, 2x Top 8, March Champion, April Runner-Up

Jason is a busy man from NH that still finds ways to squeeze in as much Magic as possible. His trusty Trolls and Disks are never far from his side. You always know you are in for a battle when you see him seated across from you, as he almost never falls for the trick or the trap and knows how to leverage his position to his advantage every time. I am glad he is a part of this community, and I suspect he will popping Disks on his way to more Top 8s in the future.

0neosmonthly1 seaman.jpg

Name: Jason Seaman
Age: 36
Hometown: NH
Occupation: Miracle Worker, i.e. AgMechanic/Farmer
Started playing Magic story: Friend got a couple starters for his birthday and everyone was hooked.
Favorite card: Icy Manipulator
Favorite art: Plateau (Revised)
Magic accomplishments: Not really. Fun?
Crazy/fun Magic story: My cards sat out in a barn for years with childhood crud under a leaky roof and only survived by chance.
Why Old School MTG? Nostalgia. Closed number of sets appeals, don’t have the time to keep up with constant new sets.



1st Place: Michael Scheffenacker — 35 Points, 3x Top 8, May Runner-Up, June Runner-Up

The Chef has cooked and brewed his way to the top Michelin star rating for the first season of the NEOS Monthly Online Tournament Series. Chef packed a different punch each month and found success every time. I think it is fair to say he has won more games of Magic this season than his beloved Orioles probably will win baseball games for the rest of the year (sorry, cheap shot I know ;)). Mike likes to try to “break” cards and show their true power in his brewing and deck building. He is a more than worthy champion and a great gentleman of the game.

0neosmonthly1 schef.jpg

Name: Michael Scheffenacker
Age: 38
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Occupation: Real Estate Developer
Started playing Magic story: I started playing Magic as a kid in 1995. My first Starter Deck had Shivan Dragon and Demonic Tutor, so I started with a black red deck. I remember trading all my Pogs for Magic Cards. I didn’t start playing tournament Magic until a couple years later, when Exodus was released.
Favorite card: Psionic Blast
Favorite art: Psionic Blast
Old School Magic accomplishments: Top 8s: Winter Derby 2018-19 (Finals), SCGCON 2018, EW 2017, Eternal Extravaganza 2017 (Win), GP Las Vegas 2017 (Win), bunch of local event wins.
Why Old School MTG: I started playing Old School when a buddy of mine thought the restriction of Mana Drain was crazy as it was “just a Counterspell.” I had never played the format, but I put together a 4x Mana Drain deck and we held a tournament at my buddy’s house, where I was determined to prove that the card was too good. I didn’t lose a game and took down the event. After the event we all agreed that Mana Drain was too good. I stopped playing the format until Black Vice was unrestricted and looked at the format with fresh eyes and put together an Atog/Dibs deck with paper proxies, and I had it in my bag for about a year. I would play against friends at Vintage events between rounds, then in 2017 in GP Vegas I played in my first public Old School event, after acquiring a Chaos Orb. After that I have been playing in as many events as I can.



And there we have it: the Elite 8 of the first season of the NEOS Monthly Online Tournament Series. I will be starting the new season in August, and I post sign ups on the NEOS Facebook page. They max out each month at 48 people on a first-come first-served basis. It has been a pleasure and an honor running these events every month, and I look forward to continuing this for a long time. I appreciate everyone’s sportsmanship and commitment to the event every month, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have. Cheers.



Hartfordfestivalen! Organizer’s Report

On April 6, 2019, New England Old School and Diamonds Mined co-hosted a multi-event Old School Magic “festival” in Greater Hartford, at Elks Lodge #1893 in Manchester, CT. Enthusiasts of antique cardboard traveled from eight states in the Northeastern U.S. to participate, along with mages hailing from Maryland, Ohio, Wyoming, and Serbia/parts unknown, who journeyed from even further afield.

48 players participated in the Old School 93/94 “main event,” which was abbreviated to four rounds of Swiss pairings to leave more room for activities. Decks were constructed using the Atlantic 93/94 B&R list. After these opening rounds, the action shifted to four different “breakout” side events, in which players could choose their own adventure: Old School Brawl, the Wizard’s Tournament format aka Alpha 40, Premodern, or an Old School draft featuring 4th Edition, Chronicles, and Fallen Empires.



This event was a Magic tournament named after a Magic tournament named after a music festival named after a small town in Sweden. “Hartfordfestivalen!” is a nod to the Arvika “Festival” Old School Magic tournament, held annually in Arvika, Sweden since 2015. That Old School gathering originally took its theme from Arvikafestivalen, a music festival that in its heyday brought the likes of Nine Inch Nails, New Order, The Cure, Motörhead, and Tool to a village of about 14,000 people in the Swedish countryside.

Our “mascot” card for the event was Deathgrip, with its shriveling heart in the clutches of a black mage, as a cheeky reference to an old nickname for Hartford, “the Heartbeat” of Connecticut. The artist behind Deathgrip, Anson Maddocks, was kind enough to produce a commissioned painting on the back of a Deathgrip artist proof; this re-imagining of Deathgrip was given out as a prize for the top combined finish through both the main and side events.


The “festival” format for the event was conceived as a celebration of various sub-formats that have been gaining traction among Old School playgroups in our neck of the woods. Even though Old School has a static pool of only 981 cards, the number of ways to play with these cards is practically limitless, and this past year especially has seen a proliferation of Old School Magic variants, not merely invented on paper but actually played and enjoyed in dining rooms and brew halls and game stores and Skype sessions alike. Our aim for this event was to have a platform to slightly “scale up” the experience of New England Old School’s smaller, more informal meet-ups in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut, where players regularly bring their 93/94 decks but also bring Brawl or unsleeved ante or Ice Age 60 or Beasts Singleton or Premodern/Middle School or even just a small stack of their “Deckmaster cards” from August ’93. Our hope was that this tournament structure would also contribute to a more laid back feeling, with the shortened “main event” not even having a clear winner, discouraging spiking to some extent and providing seven-plus hours of “just playing some cards” with old friends, and hopefully some new friends, too.


This event was organized as a fundraiser for Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford. As the premier youth development organization in Hartford, BGC Hartford touches the lives of nearly one in every three children in Hartford Public Schools, serving more than 10,000 youth annually through programs focused on academic enrichment, character and leadership development, and healthy lifestyles.

All proceeds from Hartfordfestivalen! ticket sales after expenses were donated directly to BGC Hartford. We also conducted a raffle of unique Old School items which were donated by some of the players, including a Mox Jester playmat signed by Dan Frazier, 90s-era Duelist magazines, a Homelands comic book, a Collector’s Edition box, and a unique hand-painted border extension alter of Nicol Bolas, with 100% of the raffle ticket sales going directly to the charity as well.

All told, the players at Hartfordfestivalen! raised a total of more than $942 in support for Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford. The generosity and kindness shown by the Old School Magic community continues to impress and inspire, and we’re happy to continue in the tradition of charitable activity fostered by our fellow playgroups across the United States. On behalf of BGC Hartford and the youth and families they serve, and from all of us at New England Old School, thank you!


First! Underworld Dreaming to a Win in Hartford, blog by James Rosenblum

Tournament Report: Hartfordfestivalen 2019, blog by Andrew Oliva / Ready to Role

All Tings Considered, Episode 58, podcast interview



hartford main event standings.png

Alpha 40 Runner Up: Hart Prendergast — Many, Many Sinkholes

Alpha 40 Champion: Hunter Prendergast — The Vise

Premodern Runner Up: Jared Doucette — Goblins

Premodern Champion: John Grudzina — UW Landstill

Brawl Runner Up: James Rosenblum — Sol’Kanar

Brawl Champion: Michael Scheffenacker — Rubinia

Draft Runner Up: Brian Selden (3-0, pod winner, 6-2 in games)

Draft Winner: Ted Kwartler (3-0, pod winner, 6-1 in games)

Best Unpowered: Andrew Oliva — Erhnam Burn’Em


Keith Shaffer — “Howling Salve”

hm Keith Shaffer Howling Salve v2

Adam Merkado — “Ice Ice Maybe”

Merkado - _Ice, Ice, Maybe_

Scott Bradley — “Nether Void Something”

hm Scott Bradley Nether Void Something.jpeg

Levi Baumgardner — Tax + Tower + Djinns

hm Levi Baumgardner Djinn Tower.jpg

Matt Mucci — Diabolic Machine Tron

hm Matt Mucci Diabolical Tron.JPG

Andy Baquero — “Living Cyclone”

hm Andy Baquero Living Cyclone.jpeg

Shaun Augeri — Hell’s Caretaker Control (What is Dead May Never Die)

hm Shaun Augeri What is Dead.jpeg


(alphabetical order by first name)

Al Iemma – BW Dreams

hm al iemma bw dreams.jpg

Andrew Oliva — Erhnam Burn’Em

hm Andrew Oliva Erhnam BurnEm.jpg

Brett Attmore — Grixis Workshops

hm Brett Allan Grixis Workshops v2.jpeg

Brian Selden — BR Hymn Troll Disco

hm Brian Selden BlackRed_Troll.jpg

Chris Mason — Twiddlevault

hm Chris Mason Twiddlevault.jpeg

Chris McCubbin — “Sped Funhouse” aka Temple of Sped

hm Chris McCubbin Sped Funhouse aka Temple of Sped.jpg

Chuck Lignelli — “Nobody Wins”

hm Chuck Lignelli Nobody Wins.JPG

Dave Firth Bard — Zelyon Mono-Green Weenie

hm Dave Firth Bard Zelyon Mono-Green.jpg

David Baker — “5C Control” aka The Deck

hm David Baker 5C Control.jpg

Hart Prendergast — Jund Void Ponza

hm Hart Prendergast Jund Void Ponza.jpeg

Hunter Prendergast — UR Counterburn

hm Hunter Prendergast UR Counterburn.jpeg

James Lebak — URw Falcon Counterburn

hm James Lebak Falcon URw Counterburn.jpeg

James Rosenblum — Underworld Dreams Combo

hm James Rosenblum Underworld Dreams Combo.jpeg

Jared Doucette — “Fangel’s Omelette” aka Jund Reincarnation

hm Jared Doucette Fangels Omelette.jpeg

Jason Dorman — “Esper Gasoline” aka Deadguy Ale

hm Jason Dorman Esper Gasoline.jpg

Jason Morawski — Artifact Aggro

hm Jason Morawski Artifact Aggro.jpg

Jason Schwartz — “Bruise Bots” aka Ub Workshops

hm Jason Schwartz Bruise Bots.jpg

Jason Seaman — Grixis Disco

hm Jason Seaman MD.JPG

Jeff Grasso — “TrolLDiscard” aka BR Hymn Troll Disco

hm Jeff Grasso TrolLDiscard.jpeg

Jeff Johnson — Black Rack

hm Jeff Johnson Rack Discard.jpg

John Bocon — Underworld Dreams Combo

hm John Bocon Underworld Dreams Combo.jpg

John Grudzina — UW Workshops

hm John Grudzina UW Shops.jpg

Josh Langdon — Temple of Sped

hm Josh Langdon Temple of Sped.jpg

Justin Dale — White Weenie

hm Justin Dale White Weenie.jpg

Justin Iskra — “Temple of Doom” aka Esper Flyers

hm Justin Iskra Temple of Doom aka Esper Flyers.jpeg

Luke Zinnen — Twiddlevault

hm Luke Zinnen Twiddlevault.jpg

Manny Moutinho — Black Rack

hm Manny Moutinho Rack.JPG

Marc Flore — “Wild Angels” (Honorary Retroactive Spice Award)

hm Marc Flore Wild Angels.jpg


Matt Asente — Revised Mono-Black

hm Matt Asente Mono-Black.jpeg

Michael Scheffenacker — Temple of Sped

hm Michael Scheffenacker Temple of Sped.jpeg

Mike Frantz — BRW Nether Void Ponza

hm Mike Frantz Nether Void.jpg

Nathaniel Houle — Esper Control

hm Nathaniel Houle Esper Control.jpg

Nils Erickson — “4C Troll Catalina Mixer”

hm Nils Erickson 4C Troll Catalina Mixer.jpeg

Paul DeSilva — “5C Goodstuff”

hm Paul DeSilva 5C Goodstuff.jpeg

Paul Kovalov — Power Monolith

hm Paul Kovalov Power Monolith.jpg

Phil Pellerzi — RG Ponza

hm phil pellerzi old school ponza.jpg

Robin Lundh — “Not Very Arabian Aggro”

hm Robin Lundh Not Very Arabian Aggro.jpg

Seth Roncoroni — Temple of Sped

hm Seth Roncoroni Temple of Sped.jpeg

Ted Kwartler — “Salt and Pepper” aka WB Midrange

hm Ted Kwartler Salt and Pepper.jpeg

Tim Moran — Temple of Sped

hm Tim Moran.jpg

Travis Turner — Pink Weenie

hm Travis Turner Pink Weenie.jpeg


Dave Firth Bard — RG Berserk

dfb wt2 juggernaut berserk.jpg

Jason Schwartz — “Copy My Juggernaut”

ha Jason Schwartz Copy Juggernaut.jpg

Jeff Grasso — BR


Nils Erickson — “Alpha 41”

ha Nils Erickson Alpha 41.jpeg

Tim Moran — RG



Andrew Oliva — Rubinia

hb Andrew Oliva Rubinia.jpg

Brett Attmore — Sol’Kanar

hb Brett Allan SolKanar.jpeg

Chuck Lignelli — UB Bolas

hb Chuck Lignelli UB Bolas.JPG

James Rosenblum — Sol’Kanar

hb James Rosenblum SolKanar.jpeg

Jason Dorman — Chromium

hb Jason Dorman Chromium.jpg

Justin Iskra — Blackblade

hb Justin Iskra Blackblade.jpeg

Michael Scheffenacker — Rubinia

hb Michael Scheffenacker Rubinia.jpeg

Shaun Augeri — “Craster’s Keep” aka Uncle Istvan

hb Shaun Augeri Uncle Istvan.jpeg


Adam Merkado — PandeStifleNaughtBurst

Merkado - _PandeStifleNaughtBurst_.png

Jared Doucette — Goblins

hp Jared Doucette Goblins.jpeg

Jason Morawski — Tinker

hp Jason Morawski Tinker.jpg

John Grudzina — UW Standstill

hp John Grudzina UW Standstill.jpg

Justin Dale — CounterRebels

hp Justin Dale CounterRebels.jpg

Matt Mucci — Kill

hp Matt Mucci Kill.jpg

Robin Lundh — The Rock

hp Robin Lundh The Rock.jpg


(Feel free to send yours in if you took a photo of your finished draft deck!)

Chris Mason — RG

hd chris mason draft deck

James Lebak — Bant

hd James Lebak.jpg

Luke Zinnen — “To Do: Cut Lands, Add Spells”

hd Luke Zinnen draft.jpg

Mike Frantz: “Ahhhh! The smell of new Magic cards!” (Before)

hd Mike Frantz draft.jpg

Mike Frantz — Goblins (After)

hd Mike Frantz.jpg




2019 Old School Magic Winter Derby Results and Deck Photos


The 3rd annual Winter Derby is in the books! This year’s event saw 142 participants, representing 14 countries (Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States) spread across nine different time zones. Over the span of six weeks, we played roughly 525 matches of Old School Magic via webcam.

wdpic1 florian putting the screws to reinhard during r16.png
“Round of 16” action: Florian with a commanding board presence vs Christian

The Winter Derby is conducted under the Swedish 93/94 B&R list, allowing the full range of original art/old card frame re-prints (Revised, Chronicles, CE/IE, FBB/FWB, etc.), an approach that has become very common for online play internationally. And the stakes? Mostly just glory and bragging rights, along with an invitation to n00bcon 11 for the winner.

Pairings were released in two batches over the month of January, with all participants asked to schedule and play eight individual matches in about four weeks. After the batches were completed, we cut to Top 16 and played out a single-elimination bracket. The Winter Derby Finals were played on February 8th, and featured an American, Michael Scheffenacker (4C Swedish Atog feat. Su-Chi) versus Richard Stebbing (UR Counterburn) of the UK’s Brothers of Fire.

winterderby finals twister in game 2
A climactic Timetwister near the end of Game 2 of the Winter Derby Finals. The match was recorded with commentary; click through for the full VOD.

After all was said and done, Richard Stebbing was named the Winter Derby Champion for 2019, and received the n00bcon invitation! Congratulations to Richard, to all of the Top 16 finalists, and thank you, again, to all of the players who participated. Together, you’ve helped to make the semiannual Derby series a recurring celebration of the international Old School Magic community.

(Does this sound like fun? Join our online community of Old School Magic webcam players, where we post looking for pick-up games in our Facebook group and in the #down-to-play channel on the Old School Discord!)


winter derby 2019 final standings.png


9-16th Place: Markus Lundqvist (16)

wd16 markus

9-16th Place: Rich Shay (15)

wd15 rich shay

9-16th Place: John Tschida (14)

wd14 tschida

9-16th Place: Paul DeSilva (12)

wd12 desilva

9-16th Place: Elias Gröndal (11)

wd11 elias

9-16th Place: Guillaume Denoix (9)

wd09 guillaume

9-16th Place: Pez Unholy (7)

wd07 pez

9-16th Place: Christian Reinhard (4)

wd04 christian reinhard

5-8th Place: Florian von Bredow (13)

wd13 florian

5-8th Place: Ben Twitchen (3)

wd03 ben twitchen

5-8th Place: Ed Arneson (2)

wd02 arneson

5-8th Place: Svante Landgraf (1)

wd01 svante

3-4th Place: Laurence Boulanger (6)

wd06 laurence

3-4th Place: Tobias Mieth (5)

wd05 tobias mieth

2nd Place: Michael Scheffenacker (10)

wd10 scheff

1st Place: Richard Stebbing (8)

wd08 stebbo



(alphabetical order by first name)

Aaron Palaian

19wd aaron palaian.jpg

Adam Merkado-Weiss

19wd adam weiss.jpeg

Aleksandar Gonzalez

19wd aleksandar gonzalez.jpg

Alexander Pick

19wd alexander pick.png

Alistair Ingram

19wd alistair ingram.jpg

Andreas Rosén

19wd andreas rosen.jpeg

Andrew Oliva

19wd andrew oliva.jpg

Andrew Walker

19wd andrew walker.jpg

Andy Swaffar

19wd andy swaffar.jpg

Anies van Tol

19wd anies van tol.jpeg

Anne Joldersma

19wd anne joldersma.jpeg

Ash Anabtawi

19wd ash anabtawi.jpg

Ben Katz

19wd ben katz.jpg

Benjamin Burke

19wd benjamin burke.jpg

Blake Burkholder

19wd blake burkholder.jpeg

Bryan Manolakos

19wd bryan manolakos.jpg

Cam Wall

19wd cam wall.jpeg

Carl Bjornstad

19wd carl bjornstad

Carter Petray

19wd carter petray.jpeg

Chris Mason

19wd chris mason.jpeg

Christopher Cooper

19wd christopher cooper.jpg

Christopher George

19wd christopher george.jpeg

Constantine Prishvitsin

19wd constantine prishvitsin.jpg

Cory Hanson

19wd cory hanson.jpg

Craig Winzer

19wd craig winzer.jpeg

Curt Christian

19wd curt christian.jpg

Dan Claric

19wd dan claric.jpeg

Daniel Yann Franzén

19wd daniel yann franzen.jpg

Danny Friedman

19wd danny friedman

Dave Firth Bard

19wd dave firth bard.jpg

David Holler

19wd david holler.jpeg

Dean Costakis

19wd dean costakis.jpeg

Derek Walker

19wd derek walker.jpeg

Duncan Devlin

19wd duncan devlin.jpeg

Eliot Davidoff

19wd eliot davidoff.jpeg

Eric Fletcher

19wd eric fletcher.jpg

Erwin Demmer

19wd erwin demmer.jpg

Felix Schaub

19wd felix schaub.jpeg

Gabe Farkas

19wd gabe farkas.jpg

Gordon Andersson

19wd gordon andersson.jpg

Henk Willemse

19wd henk willemse.jpeg

James Lebak

19wd james lebak.jpeg

Jan Eid

19wd jan eid.jpeg

Jared Doucette

19wd jared doucette.jpeg

Jared Miller

19wd jared miller.jpg

Jason Collins

19wd jason collins.jpg

Jason Morawski

19wd jason morawski.jpg

Jason Schwartz

19wd jason schwartz.jpg

Jason Seaman

19wd jason seaman MD.JPG

Jason Williams

19wd jason williams.jpg

Jeff Dehnhardt

19wd jeff dehnhardt.jpeg

Jeff Grasso

19wd jeff grasso.jpeg

Jeff Liu

19wd jeff liu.jpg

Jeff Watkins

19wd jeff watkins.jpg

Jeff White

19wd jeff white.jpeg

Jeremy Chien

19wd jeremy chien.jpeg

Jesse Laidlaw

19wd jesse laidlaw.jpeg

Joe Schacher

19wd joe schacher.jpg

Joep Meddens

19wd joep meddens.JPG

Johan RĂĄberg

19wd johan rawberg.jpeg

John McNulty

19wd john mcnulty.jpeg

John Sexton

19wd john sexton.jpeg

Johnny Chop

19wd johnny chop.jpg

Jonathan Laws

19wd jonathan laws.jpg

Josh Burgoa

19wd josh burgoa.jpg

Juan Espadas Carmona

19wd juan espadas carmona.jpg

Justin Iskra

19wd justin iskra.jpg

Koos Cramer

19wd koos cramer.jpg

Laurent Rippert

19wd laurent rippert.jpg

Leandro Saucedo

19wd leandro saucedo.JPEG

Levi Baumgardner

19wd levi baumgardner.jpg

Luke Zinnen

19wd luke zinnen.jpg

Malte (Lukas Baum)

19wd malte lukas baum.JPG

Marc Flore

19wd marc flore.jpg

Mark Jonovitch

19wd mark jonovitch.jpg

Mark Price

19wd mark price.jpeg

Mats Furby

19wd mats furby.jpg

Matt Guido

19wd matt guido.jpg

Matt Shields

19wd matt shields.jpg

Matt Sperling

19wd matt sperling.jpg

Matthew Simon

19wd matthew simon.jpg

Max Schroeder

19wd max schroeder.jpeg

Michael Angelo Russo

19wd michael angelo russo.jpeg

Mike Harris

19wd mike harris.jpg

Mike VanDyke

19wd mike vandyke.jpeg

Nick Cramer

19wd nick cramer.jpeg

Nick Ireland

19wd nick ireland.jpg

Norton Fantenberg

19wd norton fantenberg.jpg

Olga Dushina

19wd olga dushina.jpg

Olof Robertsson

19wd olof robertsson.jpg

Owen Fletcher

19wd owen fletcher.jpeg

P.J. Melies

19wd pj melies.jpg

Park Cofield

19wd park cofield.jpeg

Paul Fiero

19wd paul fiero.jpg

Paul Kovalov

19wd paul kovalov.jpg

Peter Fryland

19wd peter fryland.jpeg

Peter Monten

19wd peter monten.JPG

Phil Shary

19wd phil shary.jpg

Phillip Dow

19wd phillip dow.jpeg

Rajah James

19wd rajah james.jpg

Robin Lundh

19wd robin lundh.jpg

Roger Thomas

19wd roger thomas MD.jpg

Ryan Gresco

19wd ryan gresco.jpeg

Ryan Rudolph

19wd ryan rudolph.JPG

Ryan Working

19wd ryan working.jpg

Scott Bradley

19wd scott bradley.jpeg

Sean Duffy

19wd sean duffy.jpg

Shane Chiasson

19wd shane chiasson.jpg

Shawn Sullivan

19wd shawn sullivan.jpeg

Stan Sterkendries

19wd stan sterkendries.jpg

Steve McGrew

19wd steve mcgrew.jpg

Taylor Quail

19wd taylor quail.jpeg

Thilo Herzog

19wd thilo herzog.jpg

Thomas Meddens

19wd thomas meddens.jpeg

Thomas Ribet

19wd thomas ribet.jpeg

TylĂĽr Kahnle

19wd tyler conley.jpg

Viacheslav Ivanov

19wd viacheslav ivanov.jpg

Wilhelm Sahlberg

19wd wilhelm sahlberg.png

Will Larson

19wd will larson.jpg

Will Magrann

19wd will magrann.jpeg

Winston Wood

19wd winston wood.jpeg

Zachary Dooling

19wd zachary dooling.jpg